24th April
It was on this day...
1953 Winston Churchill is Knighted

Queen Elizabeth II knighted the leader of Great Britain and the allied forces in World War Two, Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, on this day.

It was on this day...
1990 Hubble Telescope Launches Into Space

Nasa successfully launched what would, eventually, become one of the most important telescopes in the world.

Hubble would be free of the atmospheric interference of telescopes on earth, and thus could see further than ever before.

There were some initial problems as there was a blemish on the lens, and the solar power panels also malfunctioned, but these were seen as inevitable problems in such a gigantic project.

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Other News
1936 First ever unscheduled television event shown live - a fire in Camden, New Jersey
1974 Bud Abbot dies (Link to clips from Africa Screams)
1981 IBM introduces its first personal computer

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