19th April
It was on this day...
1927 Actor and wit Mae West is Jailed for Obscenity

She was sentenced to 10 days after she wrote, directed and staged, a play about a Gigolo called "Sex", on Broadway.

She was to find fame in 1928 with her first Broadway hit, Diamond Lil.

She would become one of the first true Hollywood stars, and one of the highest women in the USA in her lifetime. (Quotes from Mae West: 1 2 3).

It was on this day...
1995 Oklahoma Bombing

A bomb inside a truck, parked outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, explodes at 9:02 am, killing 168 and injuring hundreds.

Police arrest Timothy McVeigh soon afterwards as he was driving a car without license plates and was carrying a concealed gun. It was discovered, much later, that he matched a description of the man seen driving the Ryder truck which exploded.

This excellent piece of police work managed to quell rumors, early on, that Arabs had done it.

McVeigh had links to right-wing groups and harbored resentment to the government's handling of David Koresh's Branch Davidian siege in Waco which ended on this day in 1993.

McVeigh was executed 11 June 2001.

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1775 The American revolution begins when British troops fire a shot in Lexington Massachusetts.

1938 USA gets its first regular television broadcasts - Only 5 hours a week and hardly anyone had a set to watch it...

2001 Drugs firms withdraw from Aids case. Cheap versions of patented aids drugs to be allowed into Africa.

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