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Conspiracy Files: Are The US Government Using Microwaves To Shut Reporters Up?

Last update: 28th April, 2016

Overview: 4th April 2011 and so close to 1st April I had to double check this story, but there is a conspiracy argument doing the rounds that the US government is frying reporters brains with microwaves to shut them up. The Daily Mail in the UK wrote this.

Here is the 'evidence':

Global Toronto reporter Mark McAllister Makes Nonsensical Comments Live On Air Awkward Tv :

CBS2's Serene Branson has a stroke on air?

Sarah Carlson - WICS Madison CBS

The Daily Mail article also makes reference to Judge Judy being taken to hospital. However, say she went because of 'intestinal discomfort'. No video of her talking gibberish has yet to surface. I will put it up if it appears.

An explanation for the various on air breakdowns has been given as personal medical issues and migraines.