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Conspiracy Files: The best viral Mars pictures

Last update: 28th April, 2016

Here is a selection of images supposedly taken from the Mars probes. (Hopefully we don't get fooled by too many of the hoaxes.) We have included the sources wherever possible because there is a chance that the images have been doctored somehow. Any picture from the surface of Mars would be in the public domain.

Guinea Pig Found On Mars?

Guinea Pig Found On Mars

Rodent Guinea Pig Photographed on Mars:

Is this a lizard on Mars? [source]

Lizard On Mars

Statue on Mars?

Statue On Mars

A weird metallic protuberance on Mars [source]

Some kind of metallic protrudence

What is this? (arrow added by source site - site since deleted.) Is it a head?

A head on Mars?

This looks like it is a hoax, but here it is any way. What is it? Looks like a giant ferret... [source]

something big and furry, gorilla?

Foot print on Mars? [source]

Footprint On Mars

Strange faces On Mars

Strange faces on Mars...

Lizard Rock... [source]

Lizard Rock

Face On Mars - Some have said Gandhi

Face On Mars - Gandhi?