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Conspiracy Files: Are President Bush and the bin Laden Family Connected?

Last update: 18th April, 2016

Overview: Did George W Bush make errors of judgment in handling Osama bin Laden because of a thirty year relationship between the Bush family and the bin Laden's?

The business relationship between the Bush family and bin Laden family goes back over a number of years.

George H W Bush attended a meeting for The Carlyle Group with Osama bin Laden's older brother Shafiq in the Ritz Carlton on the day of 9/11. It has been reported that they watched the twin towers attack together. Then, two days after the 9/11 attacks, a 747 departed to Saudi Arabia with 11 members of the bin Laden family on board -they were allowed to leave the USA without being questioned, this despite a general flight suspension in place at the time.

Carlyle Group and the Bush's:

The Bush / bin Laden business connections

1978: George W Bush's company Arbusto 78, an oil company, received $1million investment from Salem bin Laden, Osama's older brother. This financing was arranged through the offices of a Jim Bath, a Bush family friend who happened to be the US representative of Salem bin Laden.

Arbusto 78 failed, it was taken over by Harken Energy in 1987. Harken had $25mn underwritten by Union des Banques Suisse and BCCI. BCCI would be investigated for money-laundering for the CIA and for funding terrorism. Jim Bath under scrutiny - FBI believed he was directing Saudi funds into Texan companies in hopes of influencing American foreign policy. Bush, it has been reported, initially denied knowing Jim Bath despite them serving together in Texas National Guard - Bath had bankrolled George W Bush's Texas gubernatorial campaign.

Carlyle Group - on groups behalf George Bush sr went at least twice to Saudi Arabia to meet with the bin laden family.

Bush / bin Laden - Alex Jones gives his views:

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