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Last update: 28th April, 2016
911 - Pentagon
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Watergate: The full time line

President Nixon is the first sitting president to resign in office after a washington Post investigation by Woodstein uncovers a conspiracy

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Did NASA fake these pictures?

Some say they didn't even go to the moon at all, but assuming they did... did they fake these pictures?

Full list here-->

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Did they find life on Mars in 1976?

They found it and then changed the experiment so it couldn't be confirmed. Read the full details here.

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Reality is an illusion - here's the proof

Fancy a piece of chocolate? Reality busting illusions that will delight and confuse (make sure you are sitting down)

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The Bible (Torah) Code

There are secret warnings in the Torah if you get a computer and skip through the letters in the text...

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The Turin Shroud

Thought it had been proved to be a fake? Think again, they carbon date tested the wrong bit...)

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Smoking is safe

the tobacco industry countered claims for years that cigarette smoking was bad for you... Here's what they said

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Rendelshom forest is the scene for one of the best documented UFO encounters in history.. this and more