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What Your Star Sign Really Says About You: Taurus
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Taurus, also known as The Bull, is an earth sign. You are very boring and can get over-emotional over small things. You are petty, resentful and you never allow anyone else to watch the television when there is something on that you want to watch.

Taurus is a very practical star sign, you are trustworthy, persistent, solid. Unfortunately you can also be very very overweight as you enjoy the good things in life.

You can be warm hearted when not stuffing your fat red bloated face. Because you tend to be a blobby ass, you are very lazy - in any lying-in-bed marathons you would win above all other star signs, although ironically your bladder demands you make irregular trips to the toilet throughout the night.

You love routine and just being greedy. You are inflexible, stubborn and unimaginative.

Strong and silent you may be, but most find you obstinate and ignorant especially when in front of them in queues.

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What the heck is wrong with me?

Earache, gout, laryngitis, obesity, tonsillitis, swollen neck glands, throat inflammations, constipation.

Your opposite star sign:
Leo, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, astronauts, tiddlywinks champion.
Beware of...
Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, patty cake, Wicked Witch of the North.
Lucky brick size
12' x 4'
Lucky musical instrument
Mouth Organ, Harmonica.
Best Day Off Work Lie
Repetitive Strain Injury.
Best Chewing Gum
Aqua Fresh.
Fellow Taurus
Fred Astaire,
Lional Barrymore,
David Beckham,
Johannes Brahms,
Charlotte Bronte,
Judy Collins,
Gary Cooper,
Bing Crosby,
Salvadore Dali,
Queen Elizabeth II,
Ella Fitzgerald,
Henry Fonda,
Margot Fonteyn,
Glenn Ford,
Ulysses S Grant,
Audrey Hepburn,
Adolf Hitler,
Saddam Hussein,
Shirley Maclaine,
Karl Marx,
James Mason,
Golda Meir,
Ho Chi Minh,
Tyrone Power,
Anthony Quinn,
Sugar Ray Robinson,
William Shakespeare,
Barbra Streisand,
Shirley Temple,
Harry S Truman,
Rudolph Valentino,
Leonardo da Vinci,
Orson Welles,
Rene Zelwegger.

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