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What Your Star Sign Really Says About You: Sagittarius
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Sagittarius is The Archer, the roamer, there is something defiantly pikey about you.

You have an uncanny ability to put up tents in the wilderness with only the minimum of instruction and pegs.

Footloose and fancy free you can come across as slovenly to those who do not appreciate tactile people who like to wear loose fitting clothing that falls off to the slightest touch.

You are optimistic and adaptable. You are a bit of a joker, but sometimes laugh at your own jokes a bit too loudly and for too long. You are also one of life's philosophers, ready with worn out old clichés that make even 7 year olds groan when you repeat them endlessly.

Unfortunately all of these positives are nothing compared to your bad characteristics. You are tactless, careless and your stories are world class for their unbelievability.

Many consider that you are a lazy fat baldicoot who has poor health and moralizes about things that you know nothing about. People learn to never take your criticism at face value.

Win critics over by inviting them to intimate one on one parties, to share left over, cold, 3 day old, pizza and possibly challenge them to a scratching competition..

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What the heck is wrong with me?

You suffer disproportionately with injuries to hip and thigh (both your own and those around you), falls, obesity, baldness, top button on your trouser ping.

Your opposite star sign:
Aries, Leo, Libra,
Sagittarius, stand up comedians, construction workers who wear hard hats and Snow White.
Beware of...
Capricorn, Cancer, Aquarius, Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces, full moons, tattooist named Chet.
Lucky brick size
10' x 11'
Lucky musical instrument
Mouth gurgle.
Best Day Off Work Lie
You could write the book on ill off work excuses.
Best Chewing Gum Flavor
Pink bubble gum
Fellow Sagittarius
William Blake,
Leonid Brezhnev,
Maria Callas,
Andrew Carnegie,
Dale Carnegie,
Winston Churchill,
Noel Coward,
Sammy Davis jnr,
Joe DiMaggio,
Walt Disney,
Benjamin Disraeli,
Kirk Douglas,
Donald Duck,
Douglas Fairbanks jnr,
Jane Fonda,
Big Foot,
Betty Ford,
Uri Geller,
Billy the Kid,
Toulouse Lautrec,
Bette Midler,
Brad Pitt,
George Segal,
Frank Sinatra,
Britney Spears.
Mark Twain,
Andy Williams.

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