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What Your Star Sign Really Says About You: Gemini
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Gemini, the twins, is a multiple personality star sign. The term schism is very apt to describe your various moods which you can switch back and forth in an instant.

On the bright side this means you are never boring or dull, on the downside you can spend too much time talking to yourself, sometimes in high pitched voices.

You have a quick wit, are spontaneous and can adapt to any kind of retort especially from lippy young kids on the street. Arguing is a real strength and, if chosen as your sport, will give you hours and hours of phrase twisting pleasure.

Downside: You can be inconsistent, which some take to mean you are a two faced schemer.

On the plus side you are very fidgety which, to those who study body language, know, is a sign that at least your body is trying to be honest even when your mouth and tongue are not.

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What the heck is wrong with me?

You are hopelessly accident prone (small frequent ones), bronchitis, pneumonia, coughing fits, including blood and flying spittal, nervous exhaustion, pastry anxiety.

Your opposite star sign:
Libra, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, World Arguing Champion, Frogs.
Beware of...
Capricorn, Taurus,
Pisces, Scorpio, cream cakes, France.
Lucky brick size
5' x 5'
Lucky musical instrument
Best Day Off Work Lie
Best Chewing Gum Chewing Style
Up and down, side to side.
Fellow Gemini
Pat Boone,
Tony Curtis,
John Dillinger,
Arthur Conan Doyle,
Bob Dylan,
Sir Anthony Eden,
Ian Fleming,
Errol Flynn,
Noel Gallagher,
Judy Garland,
Bob Hope,
Angelina Jolie,
Al Jolson,
John F Kennedy,
Nicole Kidman,
Henry Kissinger,
Stan Laurel,
Peggy Lee,
Dean Martin,
Paul McCartney,
Kylie Minogue,
Marilyn Monroe,
Cole Porter,
Vincent Price,
Jane Russell,
Nancy Sinatra,
Queen Victoria,
John Wayne.

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