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What Your Star Sign Really Says About You: Capricorn
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Capricorn is also known as The Goat. You have a great sense of humor, which is just as well because you stink, can be really pissy and can be milked.

You are one of those people who have great ideas for making the world a better place and will stop at nothing (including flattening bunny rabbits and squirrels with your four by four) to get what you think the world wants.

You can be relied upon to carry out a task, unfortunately this can also include carrying out orders to the extreme, possibly in heavy boots and pointy hats.

You can be a completely vicious, tight-fisted, Scrooge, and, at your worst, can de-motivate people with a simple look over your eye glasses.

You have a horribly ruthless and rigid streak to your personality and are actually the wrong star sign to join the police force, unless you are German in which case it is an excellent choice.

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What the heck is wrong with me?

Arthritis, sitting for hours in chairs in darkened rooms without moving, rheumatism, skin complaints, knee-cap deformities, bone diseases, depression, eczema.

Your opposite star sign:
Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius, Christmas carol singers with lanterns, jugglers, blacksmiths.
Beware of...
Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, reporters on the Washington Post, people who undress you with their eyes.
Lucky brick size
9' x 4'
Lucky musical instrument
Anything you can march playing.
Best Day Off Work Lie
Back ache.
Best Chewing Gum Flavor
Fellow Capricorn
Muhammed Ali,
Joan of Arc,
Isaac Asimov,
Humphrey Bogart,
David Bowie,
George Burns
Al Capone,
Nat 'King' Cole,
John Denver,
Marlene Dietrich,
Benjamine Franklin,
Ava Gardner,
Cary Grant,
J. Edgar Hoover,
Howard Hughes,
Martin Luther King,
Rudyard Kipling,
David Lloyd George,
Marilyn Manson,
Kate Moss,
Isaac Newton,
Richard Nixon,
Aristotle Onassis,
Elvis Presley,
Anwar Sadat,
Albert Schweitzer,
Joseph Stalin,
Mao Tse Tung
Darth Vader,
Woodrow Wilson,

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