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What Your Star Sign Really Says About You: Cancer
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Cancer, the crab, is naturally defensive, frightened of being hurt. Trouble is this causes a sinister inferiority complex which can lead to misunderstandings, scheming and, ultimately, stabbings.

Intuitive, shrewd and resourceful, Cancerians can also be kind, sympathetic and sensitive.

Cancer are the first to fly the flag at times of war and crisis, especially if they have made the flag themselves out of loose rags or pieces of tissue.

You tend to be overemotional, highly sensitive, unstable and gullible. This is a classic Bunny Boiler star sign.

During the occasional moments of emotional downtime, you know instinctively when to help others and when to withdraw into your protective shell. However, you can be worried needlessly by the motives of those who do the shopping in your house and can take some of their decisions personally, such as 'what are they trying to tell me by buying watercress or ready to cook carrots?'

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What the heck is wrong with me?

Gastric disorders, stabbing heartburn, chronic indigestion, obesity, ulcers, hat raising flatulence.

Your opposite star sign:
Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, children with pet rabbits, Ronald McDonald, God.
Beware of...
Pisces, Sagittarius,
Scorpio, Libra, Gemini, Aries, pastry chefs, train drivers, ticket collectors.
Lucky brick size
19' x 26'
Lucky musical instrument
Best Day Off Work Lie
Waiting for the plumber to arrive.
Best Chewing Gum Flavor
Fellow Cancer
Louis Armstrong,
Ingmar Bergman,
Julius Caesar,
Julius Caesar,
James Cagney,
Barbara Cartland,
Marc Chagall,
Bill Cosby,
Olivia De Havilland,
John Glenn,
Ernest Hemingway,
King Henry VIII,
Helen Keller,
Rose Kennedy,
Gina Lollobridgida,
George Orwell,
Nelson Rockefeller,
Ginger Rogers,
Linda Rondstadt,
Sylvester Stallone,
Ringo Starr,
Prince William,
Colin Wilson.

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