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What Your Star Sign Really Says About You: Aquarius
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Aquarius are the great eccentrics of the universe and love to rebel against everything. Unfortunately, such free thinkers can sometimes come across as mindlessly tactless, brain numbingly stubborn, perverted, emotionally obtuse. On the positive side you like to wear flip-flops with suits.

Aquarius are the great unpredictable star sign, capable of being both unhelpful and helpful at the same time.

Logic means something different to Aquarians and you can sometimes surprise even yourself with your changes of mind. You are generally isolated in polite society by a perverse nature, however as the world becomes ever more perverted you are likely to fit right in. You are forever being surprised by the number of court actions and stories in the local paper about you.

On the bright side, you are always enjoying a hearty roll on the ground laugh at your own jokes and it's only a matter of time until the world laughs along if only out of frustration, or so that you will leave them alone.

Ask an Aquarian to do something and they will do it, perhaps with raised eyebrows, a small huff and possibly a shrug of their shoulders, but they will do what they say they will but only in their own good time. Show them a deadline and they will show you more than just their furrowed brow!

Remember: Aquarius' detached attention is merely them plotting world domination, they are not ignoring just you!

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What the heck is wrong with me?
You have bad knees which make clicking sounds, you are prone to injuries to lower legs, and ankle problems. You have a dicky heart, a lackluster circulation, really ugly varicose veins which pulsate at times, and a rare blood disorder. You have a nervous disposition and possibly a tick.
Your opposite star sign:
Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo, Goats, Counter staff at McDonalds, Divorce Lawyers, Balding Dictators.
Beware of...
Virgo, Cancer,
Capricorn, eating in restaurants, tipping, overdrafts, snorkeling.
Lucky brick size
12' x 13'
Lucky musical instrument
Best Day Off Work Lie
Food poisoning
Best Chewing Gum
Juicy Fruit
Fellow Aquarius

Francis Bacon,
Jack Benny,
George Burns,
Princess Caroline of Monaco,
Lewis Carroll,
Charles Darwin,
James Dean,
General Douglas McArthur,
Thomas Edison,
Eva Gabor,
Helen Gurley Brown
Gene Hackman,
James Hoffa,
Jack Lemmon,
Abraham Lincoln,
Charles Lindbergh,
Lee Marvin,
Paul Newman,
Yoko Ono,
Ronald Reagan,
Vanessa Redgrave,
Burt Reynolds,
Franklin D Roosevelt,
Telly Savalas,
John Travolta,
Jules Verne,
Robbie Williams,
Joanne Woodward,
Zsa Zsa Gabor.

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