Cancer - February 2013 - Funny Horoscope

Red and orange, but not yellow, will offer comfort in a clothing based dilemma around the 6th.

You will completely ignore long term horoscope warnings of impending doom and disaster after the 18th of this month to no apparent consequence. Don't let this make you over confident as the planets are at least a million times bigger than little old you.

Donkeys, in all of their forms, should be avoided after the 23rd due to the risk of a painful incident and a large straw hat with ears pointing out the top.

Dogs and rodents may be charmed by your joie de vivre around the 17th, especially in any rustic, French based, setting. However domesticated cats, and those in their family, will not be, and may choose to punish any inappropriate Frenchness leaving you in an uncomfortable, and untidy, position.


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