Scorpio - September 2012 - Funny Horoscope

How excited are you about something? The modern way is to tell anybody concerned of your excitement. But there is a flaw in this logic. The flaw is that if you accidentally tell a person who finds your excitement threatening to their interests they will likely try to thwart your excitement in some way. Saturn would like you to deal with this person in the style of a 1950s family TV sitcom, with bonus points for saying "Shucks" and "Hey ho!"

People who can explain really really complicated things to the rest of us often don't tell us all the facts. It saves time. You can't know everything. Let that be your comfort on the 17th when a seemingly compromising situation really isn't what it seems.

This month your destiny has just delivered a barnstorming speech at the Republican Party Conference with the crowd cheering and standing, but with the FactCheck people about to pounce on what you said to make you look stupid, Paul Ryan style.


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