Sagittarius - September 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Looking at a bank of computer screens and instruments, then making quick calculations in your head and reporting likelihood's as they happen, Uhura in Star Trek style, is about to become lucky, especially now your IT department has decided to roll out Windows 8 beta. Yes, that occasional black screen is supposed to happen and it won't be in the final release.

This month's scene from a movie you shouldn't reenact is the bit in 'Crazy, Stupid Love' when Ryan Gosling takes off his shirt and the girl says "Seriously? It's like you've been Photoshopped!" Yes, it cannot be denied, you are totally ripped like that, it's the next bit when you reenact that scene from Ghost that is the problem. Your floor is just too slippery, so when she runs and jumps and you catch her you will both slide backwards until something eventually stops you, probably a large plant. It will totally kill the mood.

This month your destiny wears a patch on its right eye.


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