Aries - September 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Sleeping bag onesies (with the thick insulated hood) are about to become epically well starred. Obviously they are superb for all night camp fire get together's where you can literally drop off to sleep where you sit singing the thirtieth verse of Kumbaya and awaken open mouthed with tambourine in hand the next morning, but they are also about to become useful in more general situations. They could become a fashion outfit, a bit like Elvis's onesies in the 70s, predicts Saturn and Neptune, about to conjunct from the 6th of the month. Watch that space.

Vampires, witches and traffic police are well starred this month, especially when parking in dark alleys on the 7th.

Embrace wind, hurricanes and extreme weather anomaly's in all their forms this month especially when they feature in erotic fiction or advertisements for exotic holidays and fruit.

This month your destiny has a glint in its eye.


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