Libra - November 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Dribbling down your front as you take a little nap on a long train journey is your lucky travel experience this month, and well into the New Year. Playing cards and pressing your face up against the window are luckier than going for a wander down the train looking for a toilet that isn't blocked. Buy a ticket with any of the following words: cheap, day, special, multi-access, free cup of coffee, or, double seat for very fat person.

An accident involving a custard pie looks set to blight an otherwise enjoyable trip to a silent movie slapstick festival around the 17th of the month. No, those moist face wipes the wife insists on bringing won't be any good, you need a good hosing down - look for the Buster Keaton section for that.

Some kind of fiasco is well starred this month: luckily you are not directly to blame, although due to the Butterfly Effect theory you aren't completely off the hook.


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