Leo - November 2012 - Funny Horoscope

When people talk about someone being 'fast and furious' it sort of sounds all rough and ready, doesn't it? Being fast can sometimes be misconstrued as being furious because the polite niceties are frequently not possible simply because of the fastness. It's like someone trying to run as fast as they can past a person asking them, politely, if they can tell them the time. The person asking for the time would construe the continued running fastness past them (and the no reply) as a sign of fury even though the fast person is just running fast and didn't mean to be furious at all. The point of this explanation is that the person running fast past the person politely asking for the time is you this month, next month you will be the one asking for the time. At least we think that's what the planets are saying, it's that or maybe you should consider a Vin Diesel haircut.

Your usual over-deference to people with the title Captain is about to be well rewarded this month in some sort of Star Trek convention or space themed toga party. But don't listen to the guy dressed as Captain Kirk, he is a complete twit.

Looking pensive is your preferred look all month.


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