Cancer - November 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Explanatory diagrams, professionally drawn blueprints, back of the envelope doodles, and erratic paintings by out of control 4 year olds trying to get out of bedtime, are all equally accurate this month, especially when the color red or splodgy orange (this could be spilt tea or coffee) is somewhere in the picture.

Television cookery shows, particularly the ones with warm, supportive, chefs and not the ones who like to hair dryer you if you forget to, say, peel the potatoes, are well starred once again. Pretty much everything that takes 10 minutes or under to cook properly is well starred.

Walking in slow motion towards the camera, the wind slowly blowing your clothing and perfect hair, is your preferred television promotion style this month, especially when you look from down to into camera just before the music ends and the titles come up.


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