Aries - November 2012 - Funny Horoscope

You, rightly, pride yourself on your healthy, typically Aries, knees. However, you are at an increased risk of celestial knee pop this month (that's when you, say, kneel or crouch and your knee stabs with pain, seemingly randomly, forcing you to yelp, and maybe topple over if the other knee does the same thing at the same time). This is due to some sort of complicated thing on Jupiter and it's not getting better any time soon. Avoid crouching, reaching for things on low shelves in supermarkets, and picking up babies or pet rabbits that have crawled under things.

Drinking beers and talking is about to become well starred for the first time this month, with minimal chance of tooth chip or lip bruise from putting your glass too quickly into your own mouth, and almost perfect coaster placement of your beer glass on the table without looking.

Favor any kind of flying video on Youtube but avoid any of the more marginal Gangnam parody's including the one with the farmyard animals and the one with the naked shaven haired Britney Spears impersonators.


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