Aquarius - November 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Halloween is just one of your less disappointing annual celebrations, apart from the dressing up bit, which is what makes Halloween special for you. You love the way you feel when you dress as a witch and stir any kind of potion, particularly steaming potions, and chant words that are more than words, they are special, muiltilayered commands that call from some mystical place the essence of your being, your soul, and, when the resulting potion is sipped by someone, changes them to your satisfaction. On the negative side, pointy hats constantly get caught in low hanging ceilings and trees, with a more than 85% chance the pointy hat will get bent at the top somehow, looking comically disheveled, and completely undermine your witchy powers.

Secret swinging doors that swing round when you pull at a book in some kind of library or some such are well starred this month, especially as you continue to become strangely drawn towards cold bleak stone walls, musty smells, and peculiar, can't quite work out where it is coming from, low hums, on the other side.

This month try a new type of orange at the supermarket.


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