Aquarius - May 2012 - Funny Horoscope

You are missing a sign sent to you by the planets... It'll be personal to you and should be heeded as soon as possible. Maybe your computer is playing up, a sports overrun is delaying one of your favorite television programs, explosive diarrhea after eating a particular food, a near cat fur ball in a human kind of experience, pea soup fountains spewing out of your mouth in violent sessions of 5 hours or more with priests involved while you are still in bed...

The true philosophy of making a cup of tea is about to dawn on you in some kind of revelation type experience. It's not drinking the tea itself that is the point, it is the time needed to make it - this is quiet time, time to think about something else, a little pocket of meditation time during your day. This is true especially if you are in Boston, have ever been, intend to go or your relatives come from there - including the Boston in England, USA, Myanmar, Australia, and any sports teams with the word Boston in.

Something your grandfather might consider to be a soppy song with the name of a city in it has a point to make but only in bits the singer belts out.

This month your nebula is under restraint, but is waiting to break free later in the year.


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