Leo - March 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Bruce Lee used to talk about "fighting by not fighting." This impressed the planets so much that they continue to talk about it to this day. The planets have, therefore, decided that, for this month only, Leo is to try out the technique of "arguing by not arguing." Unfortunately, as there are 11 other star signs the chances are that at least one of them is likely to have a go at a seemingly defenselessly mellow Leo this month. Leo is advised to deflect arguments by saying something loudly at a logical tangent and then stare at something far in the distance over their shoulder - leaving the retribution to the planets who will have Leo's back for most of the time during this month long trial period.

Giraffes and long necked spiders are your surprisingly well starred bed fellows this month.

Night time, or at least pre bed time, snacking, has rarely been better starred especially if the foods consumed are crunchy and/or cheesy in nature.

This month your destiny shudders at the thought of a Greek debt default but is secretly hoping for a nice cheap holiday out of it later on.


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