Gemini - March 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Holding doors open for people is about to become mediumly dangerously starred this month, especially when the person for whom you have held the door open is carrying things difficult to judge the size of with a quick glance behind. The risk of letting go of the door before it is safe to do so rises for Gemini to a level not seen since 1876 when swing doors had just been introduced in bars in the wild west and which initially led to many dead in the subsequent shoot outs.

A new hairstyle, a new period between shaves, or that new European thing of only washing one arm pit every day, are all options to increase your grooming choices this month, or you may decide Pluto's preference for the status quo to be a better alternative.

This month your destiny is like a daring escape from a fairground ride.


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