Capricorn - March 2012 - Funny Horoscope

After last month's exertions you may feel you deserve a more restful time. But both Mars the planet and the confectionary company have other thoughts and you may look back on your recent predicaments as the lull before the storm.

You are about to find someone with whom you can exchange light hearted, but vigorous, swearing/cussing sessions. You will find it extraordinarily therapeutic, so much so that you may decide to miss a session with your psychiatrist and spend the money on a meal with your friend in a sound proof eating area.

Jack-of-all-trades has never been a comment anyone has made of you until dusk on the 18th March when a passerby, who had previously sworn a vow of silence, comments on your driving and texting skills in which nobody of consequence is injured.

This month your destiny is in a flamboyant flummox.


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