Leo - June 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Health and fitness: Any running, jumping, or jerk type movements of any kind and direction are badly starred this month for a number of reasons. Most horoscopes will get vague at this point because the dangers really are multiple and it is so difficult to even work out from your planetary charts where the danger is most likely to hit... Remember, our accuracy is why we have won so many awards: Check the ceiling at all times, and any plane flying overhead is a potential danger.

Did you make that nuclear proof danger room we advised you to build in 2009? OK, now's the time to clear out all the junk you are storing in there as you may need to use it soon.

The people in stern looking eye-glasses advisory we didn't have space to include in last month's horoscope has unfortunately gone critical this month so if you haven't got them locked up in a sound proof room in your basement by now it's probably a bit too late.

This month your destiny shines like a new Greek penny.


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