Aquarius - June 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Perusing art exhibitions and standing with one finger to the corner of your mouth as you observe the art, smiling, similarly to Dr Evil, or Mini Me, with shaven head, but without your little finger sticking up, are well starred this month especially at times of international financial turmoil.

This month a misunderstanding involving the word acute and the phrase 'a cute' are set to confuse in some kind of medical prognosis or maybe even idle chitter chatter at a drinks fuelled party where H'orderves are served and chocolates are stacked up on silver platters and offered to guests by waiters dressed in white tie and tails. [While circulating, give preference to those on their third glass of wine, or more, especially those with a small piece of prawn stuck in their teeth, for a more entertaining party experience.]

Beware static electricity in new carpets for much of the month, especially when hanging new nylon curtains.

This month your destiny shines with the expectation of a new sun.


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