Gemini - July 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Questions similar to: "You know Helium, when breathed in, makes your voice go comically higher? Well, is there something I can breath in to make my voice sound deeper, more movie trailer guy style?" will pepper the month but remain unanswered as scientists take the whole month off from radio phone in shows and the internet isn't as good as it used to be for answering questions like that (Google just goes to a page with the question on it these days doesn't it? Saturn sighs, and can only imagine the mayhem on Yahoo or Bing).

You tried crunching crackers in rhythm, maybe to music, once, remember? Yes, when you were much younger, for a short while. Now is a good time to revisit this, especially in any cheese and wine type parties with gentle music playing in the background. Your 'crunch dance' routine will be subliminally alluring to someone or other.

This month your destiny is walking in slow motion from an exploding building.


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