Aquarius - July 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Housework is about to become unimaginably lucky this month and for the next two months, especially when mopping up large to very large puddles of water or milk, vacuuming (especially when you pull out the nozzle to get the bits in the corner), and dusting with any length of one of those feathery type dusters on a stick with over 5 inches of fluffy bit at the end.

This month is a good month to try a new hairstyle, unless you have already decided to shave all the hair off your head. Bouffant, full bodied and that bouncy thing hair does in slow motion on tv ads are all well starred much of the time.

A best friend, or a beloved pet, are about to implicate you in something untoward. Saturn is being evasive why. Probably best to avoid Tex Mex food just in case.

This month your destiny shines like an Olympic torch on a large screen ten times its normal size.


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