Aquarius - January 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Cycling with kittens, or small puppies, in baskets, has never been better starred, especially down country lanes, parks with gently flowing rivers, and rundown industrial estates in the Mid West. However toddlers, middling to large cats and dogs, pose extra problems in bicycle baskets unless you have thought of some sort of safety harness that you might have thought needs to be invented by someone - it has been but it never took off - the problem wasn't the safety harness itself it was more of a balance and a wriggling about when terrified they are about to fall to the ground and graze their little knees issue. For some reason this is just a problem for Aquarius, all the other star signs are alright.

2012 is time for a new beginning, perhaps it's time to try a new chocolate bar, or maybe a new towel. Embrace the New Year as if it is your last. Reach for the stars and see how high you can fly.

By the 18th of the month you may decide that flying unaided without any kind of mechanical device isn't for you.

'Don't worry, be happy' will be your phrase for 2012.


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