Pisces - February 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Singing your national anthem has never been more bizarrely starred, especially now you have been asked to lead a crowd at some outdoors ceremony or sporting event. It's not just that you appear to be doomed to getting either the words wrong, or the tune wrong, but there's something involving an animal, maybe a mascot or some kind of flying creature keen to mete out what it considers to be a well deserved beating.

How you deal with this situation will define the rest of your life, and videos of it will go viral about 10 seconds after it happens... The planets suggest you watch that bit in Star Wars, where Luke uses his light saber for the first time when wearing a helmet, for tips.

You are about to appreciate the difference between nostalgia, and old stuff that should have been replaced ages ago.

This month your destiny is like a cigar looking forward to be smoked.


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