Leo - August 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Is there a superhero that ever got his/her powers from eating junk food? Your idea should be submitted to the advertising agencies of the largest fast food companies immediately.

Wearing muscle t-shirts is well starred this month, even if you don't have the body - people looking at a weak looking Leo in a muscle t-shirt will think it an inspired, ironic, statement.

Zoos are badly starred this month, especially the normally gentle cuddly animals. Also, and this isn't in your stars it's just us having a rant: don't do that thing where people put little kids next to lions separated by thick glass and take pictures of what it would look like a fraction of a second before what it would look like if the glass wasn't there and the kid was about to be eaten.

This month your lucky Olympic bit is putting your umbrella up twenty seconds after it starts to rain.


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