Leo - April 2012 - Funny Horoscope

This month's mission impossible, should you choose to accept it, involves some sort of school run followed by a trip to the supermarket, along the way you will meet a surly parking attendant, an overweight woman walking her dog and someone eating a Big Mac. This message will not self destruct in 5 seconds due to a copyright claim from Paramount Pictures.

You will be forced to use one of those old telephones with a dial this month in some sort of Final Destination movie type utilities related situation but without the death or dismemberment, but with a medium chance of your legs getting wet.

Slamming doors has rarely been better starred if your intention is to not topple things poised precariously near the door you have just slammed. Had you wanted to break stuff that way, January was your month.

This month your lucky combination is a chain, a tv remote control for a television you got rid of a while ago, and a small pot of bright yellow English mustard.


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