Aquarius - April 2012 - Funny Horoscope

Singing at medium to high volumes is well starred in any public performance, especially of any Operatic tune you know more than half of and are happy to take a chance and make stuff up as you go along. Is Impromptu Opera an actual musical style? Saturn is the planet's expert in music and it has been a bit out of the loop on music for the last five thousand years. Impromptu Opera is when you sing opera but make it up as you go along, a bit like rap but with a high squeaky voice or a low bottom-of-the-barrel voice. Done well it might just get you an audition on a television talent show, but done badly it is a mess - so the producers of tv talent shows win both ways.

Melting things is well starred this month especially the melting of bones to make gelatine.

Favor those metal head caps with twisty things coming out of the top in any evil castle laboratory situation until well into June.

This month your lucky combination is a brown shoe, a blue tie and a half eaten Knickerbocker glory ice cream.


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