Sagittarius - September 2011 - Funny Horoscope

"Cutie pie," "Huggums," and "Hell-oooo, Puddin" are your lucky loved ones greeting this month, especially once first thing in the morning and when you return from work.

String theory is your preferred subject in any intelligent cutting edge physics discussion. Higgs Boson? Does it exist? Oh, it must, or we wouldn't be here. Can they find it? xxxx (Put your answer here, it'll probably be right on some level.)

Talking expressively while holding food is set to, once again, become lucky this month, particularly if the food you are holding and waving about does not break up due to the movement. Get this down pat and people will start inviting you to dinner parties just to watch you do it.

This month your destiny shares the beach with the hungry crab.


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