Leo - September 2011 - Funny Horoscope

Hats are well starred this month, especially small ones that sit on the head rather than ones that go around the head, especially small hats at a 30 degree angle on the side of the head. Peacock feathers in hats are also well starred, especially the long ones with the blue-green eye-like bit at the end.

Pink leather is also well starred.

This could well be the most flamboyant month clothing-wise in Leo history - enjoy it now because if a Republican president gets in next year it could be made illegal, or at least the hater comments you get on the streets made legal, particularly if you are a man.

Some sort of conspiracy argument involving the moon, 911, or cats, is set to become a focal point at times.

This month your destiny shares the jealous hugs of the prom queen alternate.


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