Aries - September 2011 - Funny Horoscope

Beware tour guides who walk backwards while delivering their guide commentary's. Nothing good can possibly come from such arrogance this month, as Saturn remains miffed and ready to strike.

Limit your novel writing to the first line until Sunday 25th of September.

Now is the time to strike out from your fellow pupils in your wine tasting night class and start swallowing the wine in exactly the way they taught you not to, says Neptune. Yes, the wine tasting pupil is about to become the wine tasting teacher in your inevitably alcohol addled, Neptune insulated, state of mind.

Wandering aimlessly in European cities is well starred, especially down dark alleys in the rougher parts with particular luck dealing with Taurus ruffians until the clock strikes three on the 17th of the month. After that time the true meaning of the word 'skeedaddle' will become apparent to you for the first time in your life.

This month your destiny decides it is time to pull its punches.


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