Capricorn - October 2011 - Funny Horoscope

Rescuing princesses with long hair from tall castle turrets has never been better starred than this month.

If you are the rescuer: Practice finger exercises to climb up the side of the building,

If you are the princess: Learn the correct posture for being carried on the rescuer's shoulder (not too floppy, not too stiff) and

If you are the security guard who lets her slip away from the fortified prison now might be a time to consider your career options.

The term 'elephant in the room' is a metaphor for something you aren't talking about generally, but not this month when you are invited to a mansion party and there is a really ugly stuffed elephant in the corner that the owner likes but you find truly offensive.

This month your destiny is picky like a monkey looking for peanuts in elephant poo.


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