Gemini - November 2011 - Funny Horoscope

Rooms with doors firmly shut, ones nobody in the house are able to remember ever having seen what is on the other side, bodes ill, once more, as a low humming sound or smell of chicken wafts from it around 19th of the month.

No need to look left when you cross roads or exit buildings that open straight onto the street this month - Mars will have your back for most of the time (although remember that Mars was pretty confident about sorting out Iraq a couple of years back too.)

Jupiter's influence will be undeniable this month in any tiddlywinks contests against the under 7s. Favor the strategic easier to direction soft down-flick to the more aggressive down-flick until your opponent is at least 14.

This month your destiny shares the frown of the aggravated family photographer who doubts you are good for the fee after you have already tried to pass off a clearly out of date coupon from the paper.


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