Cancer - November 2011 - Funny Horoscope

When they talk about surfing - is it just the bit when you are standing up on the surf board and the wave is pushing you along, or is laying on a surf board and paddling out into deeper water as you look for a wave to ride called surfing too? You may get an answer to this question this month if Jupiter's plans pan out.

You are about to invent a new sin this month in a moment of planetary inspired evilness with a touch of endearing innocence around bedtime of the 8th.

Inspiration from those random shapes the Windows Media Player generates when you listen to music is set to enhance your creativity, especially when you begin looking for new and futuristic wall coverings in the home, shed or garage.

Fitting large dangly dice in your front windscreen in your car has never been better starred.

This month your destiny is like shards of glass.


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