Aquarius - November 2011 - Funny Horoscope

After a recent incident where you made very public your exasperation in a totally over-the-top reality television kind of way - which led to some kind of finger pointing reprimand from an authority figure (including that lowly ranked shopping mall guards) - your confidence to vent further, publicly, has been dealt a knock. Looking on the positive side, the good thing with you not being on a reality television show right now is that you are free to take your scheming underground and deliver your hit swiftly, viciously and unexpectedly, or take your time to plan a masterpiece of vengeance in due course.

Barnacles, Flavonoids and Neutrinos are all supremely starred in a celestial big screen swashbuckler type way not unlike the enthusiastic upper swipe of D'Artagnan in The Three Musketeers, showing in all good movie houses now.

A dog owner will look to you for an explanation when one of the mutt's teeth goes missing.

This month your destiny shines like a freshly bruised black eye in the morning dew of its youth.


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