Pisces - May 2011 - Funny Horoscope

Look on the bright side: a flashing red light with sirens blasting is a good sign in as far as at least the electricity is still working, but it also means something really bad is happening. How you look at disasters that surround you this month is the secret to your success. Always look on the bright side of life, always. Especially when the sirens should be sounding, and the red lights flashing, but they can't because the disaster is even bigger than the biggest disaster the disaster planners thought of when the site was built. In such a situation you have no option but to shave your head and act like Bruce Willis.

Call any new pet rabbit Nibbles, Spotty or Peaches this month depending on its color.

Squash all creepy crawlies with your thumb until 16th of May, after that date a rolled up newspaper should be used.

Your destiny is like a really really good rap in a different language that you do not understand but has a catchy beat.


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