Leo - May 2011 - Funny Horoscope

After last month's shocking realization that you are to blame for so much internet downtime, it will come as a relief to you that the Sony online problems were nothing to do with you... things are starting to look up, now that you have mastered the use of F keys on your keyboard. Pluto salutes you.

Haranguing people on the street has not been this well starred for Leo since 1876. You have often marveled at how some people have the seemingly effortless ability to shout witty things to others on the street. Saturn is now on board as you strive to try this street interaction for yourself. Start off doing it to people you know well, then to people you sort of know, and only then to complete strangers.

Pretending to have a pain in your leg to get out of doing something you don't want to do is highly starred this month, especially if you are a professional athlete.

Your destiny fancies itself as a lead in the next Guy Ritchie movie. Grrrrr.


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