Libra - March 2011 - Funny Horoscope

Backwards flips from low positions, such as the backs of seats in the park, or on permanent pavement bollards, has never been better starred this month in as far as getting emergency treatment if you injure yourself goes. Please note, last month's breaking bones advisory (which we may have omitted to tell you about) is still in place. The planets are conspiring to ensure that the speed with which medical treatment is available to Libra for any stupidly inflicted injury is the best it's been since records began.

Flat caps (such as French berets) are about to make a fashion comeback, especially if they have the flag of the country to which you show allegiance to embedded untastefully in their design - apart from in any of the revolution hit Middle Eastern countries where they remain best avoided unless you have a very small head that no sniper could possibly hit.

Cordial invitations are not what they appear.

This month your destiny cheers for the underdog.


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