Aquarius - March 2011 - Funny Horoscope

Your attempts to dress street-smart this month will invariably tend towards 'Gaddafi', or 'Bugs Bunny' on the fashion scale as your seemingly self determined clothing choices come under the influence of a conjuncting Saturn.

Favor up rather than down on any escalator or moving staircase, especially if you have just overdone the free alcohol, or chocolate, samples in a supermarket or some sort of new trendy boutique type shop especially if they employ the services of a college dropout dressed in an Easter Bunny suit..

Greet the arms of the law warily for much of the month, especially mall security officers who have much more power than you might imagine and have been trained to smell the choco-alcohol laden breath of troublesome Aquarius customers.

Your destiny is like a fly carefully negotiating the great swat of life.


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