Taurus - January 2011 - Funny Horoscope

Whistling (with your mouth*) is better starred than humming* this month, especially in public restrooms (urinals in particular), and when painting. [*Seek a suitably qualified Capricorn if you have a whistling or humming sound anywhere else on your body.]

Movies: Sequels should be preferred to originals for the first half of the month, especially if someone dies violently or is assumed to have been in a big orangey ball of flame but you don't see their actual death because it would be too ucky.

Is Dick Van Dyck trying to tell you something in his dodgy cockney accent in the movie Mary Poppins? "Chim Chim Cheree"? "Um-did-didl-um-diddle-i..."? The answer is in there somewhere, now what is the meaning of it all?

Protesting is about to become important to you, as is writing witty slogans on placards, something you are very good at if you can get the correct pens.

2011 will be your best yet.


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