Aries - December 2011 - Funny Horoscope

It is sometimes said that dogs start to look like their Aries owners after a number of years. This is more likely because you are becoming more puffy faced and hairy in your old age - that or your dog is mocking you with certain mannerisms, another of which the mutt aims to perfect this month.

Scrunching up your face so that your lips touch your nose is your lucky child scaring grimace until last playtime of the day on the 18th.

Seasonal treats are your only answer to a moment of bewilderment on the 12th. The treats of which the planets speak include too much brandy, mince pies, and the sugar rush caused by peeling off the thick icing on the top of a seasonally decorated fruit cake and eating it in under two minutes.

This month your seasonal destiny feels like the lowest berry on the mistletoe - the closest it gets to the action is a bit of hair or the top of someone's head.


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