Aquarius - May 2010 - Funny Horoscope

What is your life's work this month? Forget the bigger picture, forget the rest of your life bit, just what is the point of you in May 2010?

The answer is about to be revealed to you in a surprisingly theatrical way. Expect fireworks, bangs and puffs of smoke, literally, figuratively and euphemistically.

Yachting, especially when using your left hand, free fall parachute diving especially with orange or yellow colored parachutes, and eating yams, are all well starred especially after noon on the 7th.

Saturn and Uranus are about to reveal something in a style reminiscent of a 'here's what you might have won' section of a television game show from the 1980s. No need to look so concerned in your 1980s hairstyle, what you might have won looks like a water fountain, or a concrete duck, nothing much to get excited about at all.

This month your hedges are in need of a trimming.


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