Capricorn - March 2010 - Funny Horoscope

'Humongous', 'extreme', 'bogus' and even the term 'Jaysus', are well starred if used in the correct circles. Playful wrestling with strangers is so-soly starred especially in bus queues, queues for kebab shops and cinemas if queuing for an action/buddy movie.

Superman, Superwoman, but not Superdog are well starred this month in any flying through the air theatrics or world saving rescue selflessnessess.

Rousing speeches to those who look up to you are particularly well starred, especially if you are wearing knee length shorts and a t-shirt with a popular cartoon character from times past but without the weather to match your attire.

Saturn is determined to offer some advice, or even a small push, in any fruit or technology related dispute.

Be contented destiny wise.


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