Aries - March 2010 - Funny Horoscope

Candles with aromatic fragrances which are not vanilla, potpourri and jasmine, are well starred this month.

An aggressive squirrel may challenge you to a fight from afar this month, as a local nut shortage makes them more aggressive than usual. (The signs to look out for are hands in the front as if holding a nut but he's not holding a nut, teeth chattering as if nibbling at the absent nut. Squeaking.)

Horizontal but not vertical lines are well starred this month, after years of vertical out performance. Now may be the time to throw out your vertical line preference clothing.

Pirating, particularly dressing up as one with an eye patch and parrot on the shoulder, is well starred from the 16th of the month until brunch on the 17th.

This month your destiny has a plan that might just work.


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